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XviD 2.0

Une nouvelle version de XviD player est arrivée, pour le passage a la 2.0 on notera un gain de performance et de stabilité, le support des « visual styles », et des sous titres lissés, lisez la suite pour la liste des changements complète…

Plus d’informations sur le site officiel (en anglais)
Télécharger XviD 2.0 (1.26 mo)

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added Visual Styles XP for modern windows look

ordered and improved configuration window, removed non-used options, other improved

improved closing player with Alt + F4

playlist: improved look and highly increaded speed of work

playlist: showing list on bordered full screen in player fullscreen mode

configuration: added subtitles smooting display option

configuration: added hardware transparency for OSD display (Windows 2000/XP)

configuration: added option for setting system audio mixer

configuration: added option for setting popupmenu on video window

new version of default, Ocean skin

repaired incorrect display of program logo in Windows 9X systems

improved and expanded tray popup menu, showed now on main program window too, with right mouse button

added computer turning off after current movie finish (popup menu) or playing by playlist finish (button at bottom of playlist)

added loading movie file by dragging (drag & drop) its icon with mouse cursor on player panel

added displaying sound volume state on OSD, when changed by mouse wheel

faster switching of fullscreen/window modes

removed command control error, when command used in program loading progress

added program logo color change to red, when movie cannot be loaded

added creating file list in playlist by dragging folders and files to list view

added loading subtitles into current opened movie by dragging subtitle file on player control panel

new, improved, polish/english installer

added list of selectable subtitles to popupmenu

improved showing OSD information. Now, showing all information on one call of « Display » function (default ‘W’ button). It shows current time, movie end time, starting and ending position time

removed error of incorrect loading movie files by association

improved taskbar hiding, when switched to fullscreen

added TVTool program support. Switching TV/Monitor display mode with popup menu